Fresh air for a heavily congested highway section

The Swiss highway A1 connecting Bern and Zürich is characterized by traffic volumes in the range of 120’000 vehicles per day and daily congestion. The Swiss national highway authority FEDRO initiated a comprehensive effort for increasing its capacity, improving its safety and mitigating its environmental impact.

The most relevant infrastructural challenges are:

  • Construction of the 3rd tube of the existing double-tube tunnel Gubrist (3.3 km)
  • Comprehensive upgrade of the 1st and 2nd tube of the Gubrist tunnel (3.3 km)
  • Construction of the cut-and cover tunnel Katzensee (580 m)
  • Upgrade of the cut-and cover tunnel Stelzen (385 m)
  • Design 2001 to 2015, realization 2015 to 2025

Project description

  • Ventilation design for the all tunnels
  • Ventilation sensors, power supply and ventilation-control system
  • Tender design, construction design and site supervision
  • Commissioning
  • High traffic volumes and frequent congestion
  • Construction and commissioning of new infrastructures under traffic
  • Upgrade of existing infrastructures under traffic
  • Very severe requirements on safety, maintenability, availability and reliability 
  • Long overall time frame, from 2002 to 2025
  • Ventilation design (all phases to commissioning)
  • Ventilation control and ventilation sensors (all phases to commissioning)
  • Ventilation power supply (all phases to commissioning)
  • Executive design and site supervision