The two tunnels underpass Rio de Janiero’s port area and represent the mobility backbone of the comprehensive requalification project Porto Maravilha.

The revitalization of the port area in Rio de Janeiro will reintegrate it with the city center as an example of sustainable urban development and productive social inclusion.

Project description

The two tunnels realized for moving the vehicular traffic away from the valuable surface have the following characteristics:

  • Tunnel Rio450 with an overall length of 1’250 m and unidirectional traffic in one single tube, was commissioned on the 1st of March 2015 for commemorating the 450th anniversary of the foundation of Rio de Janeiro. The most relevant safety features of the tunnel Rio450 is a safety tunnel for self-rescue and specifically designed longitudinal ventilation with jet fans
  • The double-tube tunnel Prefeito Marcello Alencar is 2’850 m long and was commissioned on the 19th of June 2014.  The safety concept is based on a regular net of cross connections and a longitudinal ventilation system with jet fans

The two tunnels are interconnected with each other, allowing for optimum self-rescue and intervention facilities. The tunnels were conceived according the international state-of-the-art and are operated according to the most innovative safety concepts.

  • Single-tube road tunnel Rio450, 1’250 m
  • Double-tube tunnel Prefeito Marcello Alencar, 2’850 m
  • Comprehensive self-rescue system with safety tunnel and cross connections
  • Customized longitudinal ventilation with jet fans
  • Comprehensive, innovative safety concept
  • Extremely challenging geometric constraints in a highly urbanized area in the Center of Rio de Janeiro
  • Severe time constraints
  • Development of innovative safety concepts, optimally adapted to the local conditions
  • Safety and ventilation design
  • Comprehensive support to the operator during design, construction and commissioning
  • Detailed specifications for safe tunnel operation
  • Training of tunnel safety staff