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During the Conference days in February 2021 ACCUS will gather the best subjects, most visionary people and both scientific and industry leaders to get you excited about. By joining YOU are guaranteed to leave with lots of new ideas and interesting contacts! This is why the slogan with ACUUS 2020 is DEEP INSPIRATIONS! 

Antonia Cornaro (Amberg Engineering AG) and her co-author Han Admiraal (Enprodes Management Consultancy B.V.) will lead the ITACUS Session on the subject "PLANNING FOR SUSTAINABLE UNDERGROUND SPACES".  Wednesday, 3.2.2021 / Session 4: Planning for sustainable underground / Presentation time: 12.30 - 13.30 EET (CET + 1) / Details: https://www.ril.fi/media/2020-acuus/210111-itacus-program-acuus-2021.pdf

Klaus Wachter from SCAUT (Swiss Center of Applied Undgerground Technologies) will give a lecture on the subject "Green Farming". Thursday, 4.2.2021 / Session 15: Sustainability and Environment / Presentation time: 14.30 - 14.45 EET (CET +1)