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The _xCH21 digital construction event is aimed at both the construction and the real estate industries. It will showcase current developments and motivate participants to get actively involved and enter the debate.

2021 will be an important year for Switzerland’s digital transformation, with buyers starting to roll out building information modelling (BIM) as mandatory. What impact will this have; what will change and what has already changed? The event’s focus is not to consider theoretical issues but instead to discuss the current status of digitisation in our country and motivate all industry actors to get involved.

At the virtual round table, in addition to the discussion leader, opinion leaders from business and society, politics, education, exponents of associations from Switzerland, from the network of buildingSMART International and other international representatives take their seats. They openly and controversially discuss the top issues from the individual topic areas:

  • Digital supply chain and circular economy
  • Digital Twin & automation 
  • Infrastucture, systems and grids 
  • Collaboration with openBIM
  • Industry, education and standards

Amberg Group Masterclass

Amberg Group will held a Masterclass on Wednesday, 17th March 2021 from 9.15-10.15 with the topic "Digital twins of the built environment as a prerequisite for just-in-time production". Our experts will give a presentation in order to exchange experiences and share innovative ideas on how Amberg is going to shape the digital future.

Amberg Group Masterclass Details:

The built environment - which makes up the greater part of our cities - can be better managed digitally. To do this, it must be known and digitised; 3D images, inspection, object recognition, BIM models, input for operation and maintenance and sensor-based logistics optimisation. 

RetroBim as a basis for recording the built environment. (P. Dohmen) 

Digital Twin: Developments and Use in the Hagerbach Test Gallery (M. Kompatscher) 

Construction Site Logistics: From BIM Data to Just-in-Time Delivery (F. Wiegand / I. Schwager) 

The Masterclass will be held in German without translation.