Progressive. Sustainable. Professional

Sustainability is not just a trendy word. Sustainability is really important to us. Because only if we behave sensibly today can we look forward to a good future. This provides motivation and therefore already gives us many advantages today - not only ecologically and economically, but also socially.

But what exactly is sustainability? And what does this look like in an engineering company? We have specifically addressed these questions, prepared evaluations and supplemented and adapted our internal processes. These efforts have paid off. Since 2021, we have not only received confirmation of our sustainability from an external certification body, we have also been awarded a silver medal. This means that we are among the top 25% of all companies that have been assessed for sustainability by this provider. We are proud of that!

Project-oriented engineering services with a view to the future

We understand professional project management as an interplay of quality and environmental awareness, safe workplaces and social and respectful behavior. On schedule, flawless quality and cost-consciousness are just as natural to us as open communication, careful use of resources, the use of new digital tools, correct and fair behavior towards our fellow human beings and the introduction of innovative, future-oriented ideas.

Only a joint consideration of various aspects results in sustainably good solutions, which will still be attractive in the world of tomorrow. We are personally interested in this.

Our Certificates

  • ISO 9001:2015
    Quality management
  • ISO 14001:2015
    Environmental management
  • ISO 45001:2018
    Occupational Health and Safety Management System
  • IQNet

The head office and the individual sites have a functioning and ISO certified management system with regard to quality and the environment.

  • EcoVadis - Silver medal

Amberg Engineering AG is among the top 25% of all EcoVadis certified companies in terms of sustainability performance.


Our ParticipantsContribution

Every project is specifically checked by us for quality,  and environmental and sustainability issues. Special attention is paid to the consideration of the entire life cycle of the infrastructure and its compliance with laws, specifications and customer requirements. We set our own internal company quality and environmental goals and continuously check our customer projects for important parameters. For this we have developed internal evaluation and control systems with appropriate measures.

Our Experience

We have proven our skills in various exciting projects: on the one hand in our numerous projects in Switzerland, on the other hand in various renowned construction projects abroad. This broad international experience allows us to look at topics such as quality, the environment and sustainability in general a variety of perspectives and with innovative ideas.

Our References

Our commitment

We have been supporting the esg2go sustainability assessment tool as a professional since spring 2022. For this we were trained and tested by esg2go. With this external commitment, we want to show that we are serious about a more sustainable world and that we are actively making a contribution.

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