Increasing building density and the continuous growth of urban areas require not only effective supply and waste disposal routes, but also new solutions for the transportation of goods. Research institutes also build their facilities underground.

Often, the supply and disposal networks, which have grown up over time, no longer meet the requirements of a modern community. The limited space available in builtup areas, both above and below ground, push such infrastructure underground.

The challenge for research facilities and other infrastructure is to correctly recognise the requirements resulting from research purposes and technical equipment, so that a technically sound but cost-effective solution can be found. This is an iterative process.

Amberg Engineering has many years of experience in small diameter tunnel design and construction. This knowledge and our continuous search for innovative solutions enables us to take into account the latest developments when delivering our services, to create an appropriate solution for the requirements – for example in the field of materials technology in co-operation with Hagerbach Test Gallery Ltd. (VSH).


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