Visualisation of the future north portal of the Steinkirchen Tunnel near the A8 motorway at Rohrdorf

Credit/Quelle: DB Netz AG/Bahnprojekt Brenner-Nordzulauf

Amberg Engineering wins jointly with OBERMEYER the planning contract for lot 2 of the Brenner North Approach between Innleiten and Kirnstein

Amberg Engineering AG together with its partner OBERMEYER Infrastruktur GmbH & Co. KG has been awarded a contract by Deutsche Bahn in the Brenner North Approach project.

The joint venture (ARGE) will plan the new line in the planning section "Innleiten-Kirnstein" of the Brenner-Nordzulauf.

"Amberg Engineering is looking forward to the exciting work on the Brenner North Addition project alongside our ongoing project on the Brenner Base Tunnel. The existing good cooperation with Obermeyer can be strengthened again" adds Mr. Dr. Franz Pacher" (CEO Amberg Engineering AG).

"Together with our partner Amberg Engineering, we gladly accept the challenge of optimally implementing the customer's objectives in dialog with the public" explains Dipl. Ing. Erhard Lederhofer, Managing Director OBERMEYER Infrastructure.

The railroad line Munich - Innsbruck represents a main axis of international rail traffic. It is the main connection from Southern Germany to Tyrol/Austria and serves as a feeder to the Brenner Pass. In addition to continuous long-distance lines, freight trains in particular run to and from Italy via this route.

According to Regulation (EU) No. 1316/2013, the Munich - Innsbruck - Verona rail line is part of the Scandinavia-Mediterranean Corridor (RFC 3 / CORE 5 / TEN-T).

"In the Memorandum of Montreux", the transport ministers of Austria, Italy and Germany agreed in June 1994 on the gradual realization of the feeder lines and the Brenner Base Tunnel. 

It was expressly emphasized that, in order to eliminate capacity problems, the expansion in the Austrian Inn Valley should be tackled quickly. Further route sections are to be planned in such a way that the capacities required for traffic can be made available in good time.

At the end of 2012, the expansion of the Austrian Inn Valley between Kundl/Radfeld and Baumkirchen was put into operation. In 2014, construction of the Brenner Base Tunnel began. 

On June 15, 2012, the ministries of transport of the Republic of Austria and the Federal Republic of Germany concluded an intergovernmental agreement on coordinated planning for the expansion of the cross-border rail link (Rosenheim Agreement) in order to expand the northern feeder line Munich - Rosenheim - German-Austrian border - Kundl/Radfeld - Innsbruck in line with time and demand.

The planning section Innleiten-Kirnstein of the Brenner northern approach comprises, among others, the planning of the two tunnels Ringelfeld and Steinkirchen including the tunnel technical equipment, the planning of the trades rail and road for the overground routing as well as the trade of the structural engineering with the object and structural design for the new construction of flyover structures, troughs, noise protection walls and supporting structures.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is also used in the Brenner-Nordzulauf project on a contractually binding basis. "We are very pleased to be able to demonstrate our planning expertise in such an exposed DB overall planning project. In addition, together with the project participants, we can jointly further develop the BIM methodology in infrastructure planning," explains Dr. Franz Pacher.