Drop into the exciting Amberg world and be there when innovations arises. 

Amberg is experiencing constant growth. All the offices in Switzerland and abroad are steadily expanding.

However, our vision is expressed not just by the size of the company, but also by the ability to constantly develop new innovative solutions for our customers and to have an influence on the state of the artthrough research and development. 

The offices operate as a network conecting the various sites and use the existing resources, abilities, contacts and experiences to do so. They do this for the advantage and benefit of all subsidiaries and, ultimately, the customer. 

Amberg employees

Our employees are as diverse as the company itself. Exciting projects all around the world offer a huge potential for indivual development. Even if you have little experience or if you just graduated from university, college or vocational school, we will guide you step by step on your career path. Supported by experienced mentors and continuous education we pave your way to a successful professional life.


What our employees say about working at Amberg

Daniela Stevanovic, Project Engineer

“At Amberg Engineering I work as a project engineer in the project management team. Currently I am working on three big projects. The skills I require for the job: Teamwork is very important, good organization and time management, but most important is the love and joy for the work.”

Eva Wehrli. Project Manager

“As a project manager, I work on very different underground infrastructure projects. For example, in tunnel renovation projects by Swiss private railways, large projects in other European countries and large cavern projects that will only be realized in a few years.

As a civil engineer, you have to be willing to constantly develop yourself and learn new things. Especially in recent years, I have been confronted with new challenges in various projects due to digitalization. The increasing number of BIM projects has given me new tasks and exciting challenges.”

Philipp Löwe, Project Engineer

“Right from the start, I was able to directly apply a lot of basic knowledge from my geotechnical engineering studies at Amberg Engineering. I was quickly able to work on varied projects and become part of the team. From project planning to rock and soil mechanics calculations and many tasks that require a general understanding of construction geology, Amberg Engineering gave me the chance to work on a really exciting research project with special partners on the processing and reuse of excavated tunnel material and to make an important contribution to resource-saving construction.”

Zhasmin Mussina - Project Engineer

“As a project engineer at Amberg Engineering, I have diversified work and thus good development opportunities. The team is very motivated, qualified, and helpful, which leads to a welcoming and positive working atmosphere.”

Dr. Roman Wahlen – Project Manager International

“Working on complex projects all over the world is giving me a lot of variety and motivation”


Samuel Odermatt

Head of Human Resources

Trockenloostrasse 21

8105 Regensdorf


Carmela Petriello

Human Resources Manager

Trockenloostrasse 21

8105 Regensdorf