With constantly increasing traffic volumes, the need for traffic infrastructure continuously increases. As road infrastructure should be implemented in harmony with the involved communities, as well as the environment, road tunnels are often chosen as environmentally friendly and socially acceptable solution.

The top priorities for every structure are quality and durability. The requirements for tunnel operation need to be considered at an early design stage. Particularly, special structures such as utility ducts, escape galleries, cross-passages, ventilation shafts and ventilation plants need to be considered in a comprehensive design already at an early stage.

Safety installations, such as smoke extraction ventilation including detection systems and escape routes, shape the design of modern traffic structures. Furthermore, emergency lanes and service bays for tunnel users are important project features. As a result of these safety measures, large asymmetric tunnel cross-sections are often necessary, the construction of which is particularly difficult in soft ground.

Besides new-build of tunnel, existing tunnels require the attention to remain safe, functional and meet current requirements for installations and systems and environmental demands.

Our expertise in road tunnelling

Complex from planning to maintenance

Amberg Engineering Ltd. has many years of experience in all types of soft ground tunnel construction, both conventional and with tunnel boring machines.

We have gathered our knowledge by building underground roads all around the world and deepened it by closely co-operating with research groups and the industry. This enables us to select the right technology for the particular local requirements.

Our experts work with the most appropriate tunnelling methods, select the correct lining and deliver the optimum alignment. In addition, we develop safety concepts and emergency planning, and design the ventilation for road tunnels. 

Signature projects include the Zurich Western and Northern Bypass, the San Bernardino Tunnel, Dobroshevko urban road tunnel, Brno, the Stockholm Bypass Förbifart, the Suez Canal Road Tunnel and many more.

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