The "Cover" of the east portal of the Rosenberg tunnel on the A1 city-highway.

The "Land Reclamation" enables the construction of a new exhibition and event hall and expansion of the exhibition infrastructure.

Project description

Visualization of the new Olma

  • Almost 18'000m2 of the A1 are covered
  • A new larger exhibition hall
  • Direct connection to the 3rd Rosenberg Tunnel will be redesigned and built

3D model for the Olma project

  • Complex project in the national road network A1
  • Several projects in one project
  • Numerous project participants
  • Inventory modeling

AMBERG BIM-Team at the Swiss-BIM-Congress

  • Inventory by laser scanning. Inventory modeling
  • 3D modeling of underground elements & 4D modeling
  • BIM-Coordination,  BIM-Management & BIM-Implementation
  • Communications platform
  • Static analysis

Project details

Bottom view

  • Inventory modeling: inventory through Mobile Mapping, inventory modeling using virtual programming languages, Part of automatic inventory modeling of 2D plans into the 3D model
  • 3D-modeling: 3D modeling using virtual programming languages, Model-based quantity determination, Model-based variant comparisons, Partially integrating the 3D geology model
  • Coordination: Work will be done with coordination models, 3D models are used to derive 2D plans, CDE will drastically reduce the eMail communication
  • Development of concepts (partially already done by preliminary studies)
  • Presentation of possible solutions
  • Evaluation and assessment of the solutions options
  •  Accompanying the preliminary decisions
  • Dimensioning of excavation, foundation, support structure and structural framework
  • Creation of traffic guidance national road
  • Designing traffic access, supply and disposal lines
  • Study of sealing, fire protection and ventilation cover (excl. tunnel ventilation)
  • Presentation of the construction project
  • Creation of construction and installation plans
  • Creation of the appointment program in coordination with maintenance planning of FEDRO Federal Roads Office