Linha amarela

Troço Santo Ovídio - Vila D'Este

Extension of existing yellow line from Santo Ovídio Station to new terminal station at Vila d’Este in Porto, total length 3.2 km

Scope & Challenges

  • Extension of existing line
  • 3.2 km 2 track for light rail. Viaduct, tunnel and bench excavation.
  • 3 new stations, 1 of them built underground
  • 1 complementary ventilation shaft
  • 1025 m conventional tunnel
  • 1 train maintenance centre
  • Formation: Rock
  • Coverage 0 – 20 m
  • Tunnel construction in urban area
  • Low coverage
  • Connection to the existing railway network
  • Conventional excavation without explosives

Project Details

Ventilation & evacuation shaft

  • Tunnelling in urban area with low coverage and settling sensitive building ground
  • Traditional cavern excavation for station in tunnel zone
  • Ventilation & Fire Protection Design.

Metro do Porto

  • Extension of an existing line in Porto. Elaboration of the projects for the execution of the Circular Line: Extension of the Yellow Line from Santo Ovídio to Vila D'Este including this Material Park - Lot 2
  • 3.2 km of double track for light rail. Viaduct, tunnel and bench excavation.
  • Parts of the project are 3 new stations, 1 complementary ventilation shaft, 1km of conventional tunnel, 1 viaduct , 1 train maintenance centre

The Santo Ovídio station of the Metro do Porto. Source: Ernstkers, from Wikimedia Commons

  • Joint venture Management (GRID-AMBERG-LCW)
  • Complementary works : geotechnical Campaign, environmental Impact study, affected services, topography study, preconstruction survey.
  • Design for tunnel, ventilation shaft and bench excavation (Amberg scope). 
  • Preliminary Design
  • Detailed Design (Construction Design)
  • Assistance on Site