The tunnels along the Lake of Uri have existed for over 100 years. The renovation work is being carried out to ensure safety in the railway tunnels, which serve as the northern access route to the Gotthard Base Tunnel, for another 50 years. 

The renovation of the tunnels on the mountain side was completed in 2009. In view of the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel, they had to be updated. This included restoring the structural safety and serviceability of the vault and floor by means of norm conform construction parts. In addition, the clearance, the technical railway installations and the possibilities for self-rescue were optimised.

During the renovation of the nine railway tunnels on the lake side, a slab track is being used for the first time in existing tunnels instead of a ballasted structure. In these tunnels, the renewal of the railway facilities, the clearance, the vault and the floor will also be carried out with the aim of ensuring the continued existence of the tunnel for 50 years.

The renovation of the tunnels is very challenging. The tight space conditions, the limited accessibility to the construction sites, the logistics and the tight deadlines require a precise analysis and planning of the construction operation.
 The ongoing operation on the neighbouring tracks also places the highest demands on the site management, for which Amberg is responsible. Amberg was also responsible for the condition surveys, the variant studies and the overall project planning.  The completion of the work is planned for 2020.

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