The existing Bözberg railway tunnel is located on the access axis to the Gotthard base tunnel. Its dimensions do not meet the minimum requirements for a corner height of four metres for combined traffic, which is why a new tunnel is being built. For the first time, BIM 3D models with geodata are used in a project. 

The new double-track railway tunnel will have a total length of 2.7 kilometers. The challenging geological conditions in the border area of the Tafeljura and Faltenjura as well as sulphate-containing and potentially swelling rocks place the highest demands on the analysis and planning of the structure. 

In order to obtain a precise and cost-efficient visualization of the subsurface, a three-dimensional BIM model was supplemented with geological data. This greatly facilitated coordination among the individual project partners. Read more about 3D modelling here

In addition to the development of innovative methods, the overall project management mandate includes the planning of the new structure including the connection to the existing track, the preliminary project and the conversion of the existing tunnel into a service and rescue tunnel.



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