Brenner Base Tunnel runs from Innsbruck (Austria) to Fortezza (Italy), with a total length of 64km (incl. Innsbruck railway bypass).

Direct railway link between Austria and Italy with a tunnel length 64km incl. railway bypass of Innsbruck and two parallel, single-track railway tunnels,

Project description

  • Length: 55 km, resp. 64 km, incl. Innsbruck railway bypass. Max. overburden 1’500 m
  • TBM Excavation
  • Two parallel, single-track railway tunnels
  • Exploratory gallery full length, cross-passages, two emergency stops
  • Intermediate access points in Ahrental, Wolf and Mauls
  • Cut-and-cover & mined tunnels in portal areas
  • Geology, formations with varying rock strength
  • Water ingress in vicinity of fault zones
  • High overburden  
  • Logistics
  • Following works at the Austrian side in JV
  • Basic Design / Tender Design / Final Design
  • Geotechnical Site Supervision
  • Lead in Design JV 

Project Details

Schematic view of the Brenner base tunnel

  • Exploration gallery in the centre of the twin single-track railway tunnels
  • Diameter approx. 6 – 7 m and 12 m lower than the twin tubes
  • Main purpose of the gallery is the geological exploration and drainage as well as maintenance purposes at later stages as required

Twin tube concept showing exploration gallery

  • Length 55 km
  • 2 Single track railway tunnels
  • Parallel distance 70 m
  • Heading mainly by TBM, diameter 10.5 m

Simplified geological profile for base tunnel

  • Cross-passages every 333 m
  • 3 access galleries for logistic purposes during construction, ventilation purposes and as emergency access  
  • 1 Tunnel intersections for track changes
  • 3 emergency stations with excavation galleries