The Ceneri Base Tunnel in Ticino is part of the New Transalpine Rail Link (NEAT). The base tunnel has two single-track tubes and passes under Monte Ceneri over a distance of 15.4 kilometers. 

This makes the tunnel the third largest tunnel construction project in Switzerland, after the Lötschberg and the Gotthard base tunnel.

Amberg supported the construction in various phases. In addition to consulting during the preparation of the construction project and the tendering process, the services also included tender comparison and support during the award of contracts. Amberg was also entrusted with the implementation project planning and the complex construction management.

In the difficult geology with high demands on the preliminary exploration during construction and the decision on further driving with a tunnel boring machine, the engineers were able to transfer a great deal of know-how from the Gotthard project. 

The low level of overburden when crossing under a motorway at the north portal required many demanding construction operations, including jet routing, pipe shielding, securing and lining. In the case of the south portal, work in the urban area focused on reducing vibrations.

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