The unique infrastructure, which branches out over 5.5 kilometres, with its different rock formations, surfaces, installations and expansion variants, offers optimal conditions for research, study, testing, practice and presentation under real conditions 1:1.

Since its foundation in 1970, Amberg has been responsible for the engineering services in the test facility. This includes ongoing structural engineering support, advance calculations, hydrogeological assessments and also continuous technical documentation. Amberg also carried out the design planning of various customer projects in the tunnel, assessed the construction risks and undertook the continuous monitoring of the facility. Amberg's experts also provided advice on ventilation.

A three-dimensional BIM model of the VSH is currently being created. It will optimize the further planning and operational use of the tunnel system.

Innovative projects for alternative use of the underground space are also being implemented at the VSH. In addition to the award-winning aquaponics project "Underground Green Farming", the VSH also offers the "Underground Data Centre" and the "Tunnel Digitalisation Center" ideal conditions for developing, testing and bringing innovations to market maturity.

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