India is rehabilitating and upgrading their national highway NH-211 between Solapur and Dhule. As part of this project a tunnel is to be built to cross the Gautala Autramghat Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Autram Ghat section of the NH-211 lies between its 376th and 390th km and crosses the Gautala Autramghat Wildlife Sanctuary. This section involves a twin-tubed tunnel with a length of 7’084 m.

Amberg Engineering was involved early on through a feasibility study for the ventilation for this tunnel and again at a later stage to design the final ventilation system. 

The challenge in this project stemmed from the high ratio of heavy goods vehicles (HGV) and the lack of emission control for the vehicles in use. The task at hand was to sufficiently increase the ventilation requirements despite the low traffic volume in order to manage the uncertainty and variance in the emissions released in the tunnel. 

Amberg Engineering’s expertise and experience in ventilation design for tunnels worldwide enabled a solution that efficiently ensures the safety and comfort of passengers under all conditions that are to be expected.

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