Deutsche Bahn (DB) carried out a BIM pilot project in 2018. The aim was to take an inventory and create a digital twin. For the digital construction file, more than 2000 documents were linked to the 3D model.

In the long term, Deutsche Bahn plans to improve the digitalisation of large-scale projects in order to enhance public acceptance and coordination between the various project partners. The pilot projects carried out for this purpose included the first realisation of a digital twin. 

For the inventory, 400 metres of the west tube of the Rastatt tunnel were recorded by laser scanning. The result was a 3D model of the built tunnel. This could then be compared with a model calculated on the basis of the planning documents. On the basis of the results of this target/actual comparison, the deviations between planning and execution could be documented.

The combined 3D model of the tunnel was linked to all construction-relevant documents and the individual elements were provided with attributes. 

Amberg thus created a digital twin of the tunnel with a complete digital construction file.

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