The Soroška Tunnel is 4.280 m long and the longest tunnel planned on the Rýchlostná cesta R2, a 313 km long expressway to be built in Slovakia.

This tunnel is part of the Rožňava – Jablonov nad Turňa section of R2, which is 14 km long and will overcome the mountain massif of the Slovak Karst National Park

Amberg Engineering performed ventilation design and risk analysis for this tunnel, identifying the ventilation requirements and the most efficient way of implementing them. 
Due to the layout of the ventilation, power requirements are strongly influenced by the location of a fire within the tunnel. Amberg evaluated all possible emergency scenarios in order to develop the most efficient ventilation system able to handle all of these scenarios flawlessly.

Thanks to Amberg’s experience and expertise, the ventilation design for the Soroška Tunnel could be developed efficiently and precisely.


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