The quality of high-performance computer chips, in this case semiconductors, is highly dependent on controlled production processes in a stable environment. 

For the customer, it was crucial to have an environment for production that is free from external influences. No vibrations and a stable climate is provided by an underground production facility. The infrastructure, which is unique in the world, consists of a main cavern 18 meters high, 18 meters wide and 100 meters long, as well as a smaller secondary cavern.

Amberg was involved in the project with the idea, the planning, the design and the execution. The tricky geology and the partly low coverages made high demands on the engineers. In addition, a chapel near the caverns and the processes of ongoing operations, factory supply, operational ventilation or escape routes required a high degree of detailed planning. 

Today, perfect mechanical insulation from the outside world guarantees a vibration-free cocoon for the highest quality standards in chip production. A constant climate and complete radiation shielding enable the customer to control the operation of the equipment inside efficiently and economically.

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