With this one of a kind project, Singapore plans to build an extensive cavern system providing office and laboratory space for R&D on Information Technology, Bio-Tech and Life Sciences. The limited surface space urges the megacities of the world more and more to look for alternative and sustainable use of underground space. 

The facility is designed and engineered to represent up to date standards regarding safety, sustainability and economy. It is eager to provide the highest comfort level to the users.

Amberg reviewed the feasibility study for the Underground Science city which will be built in sedimentary rock consisting of mainly sandstone from the Jurong formation. The cavern itself will take up approximately around 400 to 500 m2.

As for the designing details, the temporary support is planned to be made of plain and steel fibre, reinforced shotcrete, rock bolts and locally of lattice grinders. 
Besides the feasibility study, Amberg was responsible for managing SRI works and developing a geological and hydrogeological model. Those works resulted in a detailed concept design on feasibility level and a cost estimate.


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