The Singapore government plans to build individual supply facilities and group them in underground rock caverns.

Amberg was commissioned to conduct a study to examine the technical and operational feasibility, develop conceptual plans and drawings of the cavern system. The concept also included geotechnical planning, possible construction methods and plans for logistics.
Finally, the costs of implementing the plans were to be calculated and compared with above-ground solutions.

In total, plans were developed for seven different facilities: Power plant, waste incineration plant, water recovery plant, landfill, water reservoir, seawater desalination plant and LNG storage.

The experts from Amberg developed caverns with widths of 25, 35 and 40 metres and a maximum height of 60 metres. They were to be reached by means of vertical shafts with a diameter of 25 metres and have an overburden of 25 metres.

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