Space in populated areas is becoming ever more restricted; as a consequence, more and more infrastructure is being shifted below the earth's surface. Both large and small projects require proven technical expertise and a great deal of experience in project management.

At our client’s disposal we have proven experts in the fields of geology, construction technology, logistics, material technology, construction management and organization.

During all project phases, an expert contact is personally at our clients disposal for all questions and requirements – even for interdisciplinary tasks.

Together with the client and his representatives, our engineers analyze the feasibility of a project and illustrate potential consequences. We set great value upon a personal contact with the client, whose requirements and satisfaction are of top priority to us at any time.

Customers and partners profit from well-established procedures and a short decision-making process. We react quickly to changes in unforeseen situations or circumstances, taking advantage of our network of specialists.

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Comprehensive services

Underground projects are complex with widely varying requirements. From design and execution through to operation and renewal, our staff will support you throughout the entire lifecycle of a structure.

Planning & Design

  • Project design from A to Z 
  • Across all project phases
  • Rail, Road, Metro, Hydro, Utility, Underground Space
  • All underground structures 
  • From rock to soft ground
  • NATM, TBM, Drill & blast 
  • Risk Assessments


Renewal & Refurbishment

  • Structural inspection & assessment
  • Operational safety
  • State-of the-art technology to map and monitor
  • Value conservation and maintenance planning.
  • Future Proofing


Geotechnical Engineering

  • Project-specific & custom tailored
  • BIM-Model based numerical analysis
  • Monitoring design & data analysis
  • Geotechnical surveys
  • Ground characterisation 


Structural Engineering

  • Project-specific & custom tailored design
  • BIM supported structural analysis
  • Fire Design & Thermal Analysis
  • Logistical concepts and capacity dimensioning
  • Expertise in international design standards



  • BIM strategy consulting
  • beyondBIM
  • Parametric Design
  • Rapid Engineering
  • RetroBIM
  • Data Analytics and Businesss Intelligence


Site supervision

  • Technical Expertise and Consulting
  • Time, cost and quality monitoring
  • Definition and monitoring of procedures and requirements
  • Commissioning & Handover

Nuclear Waste Management

  • Safe and structurally sound long-term solutions 
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Design and planning
  • Supervision and monitoring
  • Implementation and operation


Service for contractors

  • Smart engineering solutions 
  • Value engineering 
  • Independent design verification
  • Trouble shooting


Underground Space

  • Sustainable and space-saving solutions for urban areas
  • Planning and design of large span caverns
  • Geotechnically optimal layout and configurations
  • Logistics aspects planning
  • Stakeholder management


Project Management

  • Overall project management
  • Project Support
  • Procurement
  • Cost management
  • Risk Management
  • Public relations
  • Development and maintenance of project platforms


Risk & Safety Management

  • Safety and fire-protection concepts 
  • Fire simulation and evacuation design 
  • Safety assessment and risk analysis 
  • Quantitative risk analysis (QRA) 
  • Support to operational safety 
  • Testing and safety certifications


Aerodynamics & Ventilation

  • Ventilation design and assessment 
  • Optimum ventilation control 
  • Comprehensive aerodynamic and fire modeling 
  • Comfort and heath analysis of high-speed rail tunnels 
  • Ventilation during construction 
  • Realization and commissioning


Deep and inclined Shaft Design

  • Deep shafts in rock and soft ground
  • Geotechnical, structural and waterproofing design
  • Site logistics and capacity dimensioning
  • Shafts for metro and urban projects