The choice of the tunnel system for modern railway tunnels depends on a variety of factors, including traffic composition and volume, cost, maintenance and safety. They are equipped with ventilation systems conforming to the latest standards, slab tracks for higher operating speeds, sometimes smoke extractions systems, etc.

Higher design speeds demand larger cross-sections and therefore more complex construction processes. At the same time, budgets become tighter and construction times shorter. On the other hand, thanks to progress and the latest technological developments in underground construction, railway lines can now also be built in geologically challenging subsoil.

Railway tunnels built more than one hundred years ago as pioneering achievements have significantly influenced our knowledge. However, today these structures often do not comply with current regulations. Therefore, these structures need refurbishment in order to meet these regulations. Also, the use of new or different rolling stock might demand higher clearance profiles or the implementation of higher standards for passenger rescue and evacuation. Last but not least, during the planning phase, considering that construction works have to be carried out under continuous operation, is a must.

Our expertise in railways

Project management from planning to maintenance

The Gotthard Base Tunnel

Amberg Engineering Ltd. has many years of experience in all types of soft ground tunnel construction, both conventional and with tunnel boring machines.

We have gathered our knowledge by building underground railways all around the world and deepened it by closely co-operating with research groups and the industry. This enables us to select the right technology for the particular local requirements.

Our experts work with the most appropriate tunnelling methods, select the correct lining and deliver the optimum alignment. In addition, we develop safety concepts and emergency planning, and design the ventilation for railway tunnels and stations.

Signature projects include the Gotthard Base Tunnel, the Semmering Base Tunnel, Lyon Turin TELT base tunnel, the Brenner Base Tunnel, the Ceneri Base Tunnel, Follobanen, and many more.

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