C3RN - Recycle, Reinvent, Revalorise


The CERN - FCC project envisages the construction of a new, 100 km long, quasi-circular particle collider. This collider and the associated research infrastructure would be located in the Geneva basin, straddling the France-Swiss border. It would be placed in a complex of tunnels, alcoves and caverns, between 200- and 300-meters underground.

The Mining the Future competition is looking for sustainable reuse solutions for excavated molasse material. It wants to support technologies to integrate this material into the future circular economy.

Together with our partners Mobbot SA, Medusoil, Bilger & Partner, Holcim, Pagani Lanfranchi and Hagerbach Test Gallery we are super pleased about continuing on phase 2 of this international competition on the responsible use of resources from tunnel construction.

The project entails:

  • 100 km long tunnel in the molasse of the Geneva basin
  • 9 million m3 of heterogeneous excavated material
  • Wanted: Industrial application for molasse sediments
  • Competition: 4 phases with different requirements

Our proposal "C3RN - Recycle, Reinvent, Revalorise" was successfully nominated for the 2nd phase of the FCC MINING THE FUTURE project. Now it's time to come up with a solution to put our proposal into practice and to show that our idea is achievable and sustainable.

More info on the project competition “Mining the future”:  https://lnkd.in/ewZJrHZf.

Amberg Engineering
Amberg Engineering is responsible for the overall management of the project. This includes in particular process and cost planning as well as communication and coordination within the group in order to complete phase 2 as successfully as phase 1.


MeduSoil SA is a company founded in 2018 in the canton of Vaud (Switzerland), specializing in construction technology and materials. The company produces and markets smart binders based on enzymes extracted from isolated microorganisms found in nature.
Medusoil brings a new, special technology to the joint venture in the form of a building material end product.


Mobbot SA
Mobbot SA is a provider of 3D concrete printing technology for contractors and manufacturers of precast products, bringing advanced building materials technology to the project for processing the excavated material.


Pagani + Lanfranchi SA
Since its foundation in 2003, Pagani + Lanfranchi SA has been working intensively on sustainable solutions for the organization of large construction sites for railroad, road and hydropower projects, especially with regard to the reuse of the material generated.


Bilger + Partner
Bilger + Partner convinces specialist customers with professional consulting, solid engineering work and efficient planning services in processing technology and material logistics.
Within the C3RN project, Lanfranchi and Bilger contribute their expertise in the processing of excavated material to the Group.


Holcim (Switzerland) AG is one of the leading building materials producers in Switzerland and a subsidiary of the globally active Holcim Ltd. Its core business includes the production of concrete, gravel and cement as well as related services.
For the C3RN project, Holcim is a strong partner in the field of material preparation, analysis and use.


The VersuchsStollen Hagerbach with its multitude of tunnels, caverns, test fields and laboratories offers ideal conditions for research, development and 1:1 tests in the field of materials science.
VSH's role in the C3RN project is reflected in the analytical capacities of the planned building material end products and the availability of a test area.