We are "PRO-fessionals" in the sustainability assessment tool "esg2go"

Amberg Engineering AG supports the new esg2go sustainability assessment tool from the CCRS (Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability) at the Friborg University of Applied Sciences in the category "Professionals".

An esg2go professional is someone who qualifies as a specialist, such as a professional consultant on environmental issues. Professionals are carefully selected and trained by esg2go. The basics and specialties of the esg2go rating and reporting standard as well as the special filter are taught and tested in an online training course. After that, you will be recognized as an esg2go professional. (Source: https://esg2go.org/pros-partner )

The official launch event of esg2go took place on June 10th, 2022. ESG stands for Environment, Social and Governance and thus for the three pillars of sustainability.

The goal of esg2go is to create a simple, benchmark-based tool for sustainability assessments that should become the standard in Switzerland.

With our external commitment, we want to show that sustainability is really important to us, that we are constantly educating ourselves and that we are also making a contribution to a more sustainable world externally.

We are very much looking forward to these new tasks and working with esg2go and other PRO-fessionals.