Regensdorf, 24. November 2020 – GEOEG, a leading service provider for the planning, implementation and optimization of geoenergy solutions - based in Lausanne, Switzerland - contributes with its expertise to further develop energy-efficient solutions for underground data centres. Based on more than twenty years of research and development, GEOEG offers innovative and sustainable solutions for disrupting the natural and built environments with unprecedented uses of the underground, which include the transformation of subsurface structures and infrastructures into renewable thermal energy sources and storage means.

Quote Alessandro Rotta Loria, CEO of GEOEG:
"We are very pleased to join a collective of experts in the unprecedented development of data centres functioning underground and to contribute with our expertise to making such data centres an energy source for buildings and city districts. With "Edge Computing Underground!" we offer a resilient, sustainable and cost-efficient solution for cities and data centre operators."

During the autumn of 2019, the prototype of a modularly designed data centre, developed for underground placement, was presented for the first time in the Hagerbach Test Gallery. The project, led by the Swiss Center of Applied Underground Technologies (SCAUT) together with industrial partners, aims to use underground spaces for edge data centres in order to be close and energy-efficient to the end user and to optimize the limited and expensive space on the surface. Ever since, research and development has been carried out and strategic partnerships have been formed.

Through the new collaboration, the "Edge Computing - Underground" consortium offers unique, mutually complementary expertise for the design and management of underground data centres, which holistically encompasses the integrated geotechnical, structural and energy behavior of infrastructures.

Quote Klaus Wachter, Managing Director of SCAUT:
"Conventional data centres typically have enormous energy requirements and produce large amounts of heat as a waste product. This energy which is usually given off into the environment is only rarely used further in the interests of sustainability. The cooperation with GEOEG will strengthen our competencies in the development of a common, sustainable use of resources."

A pilot project for the smart cities of the future
Automation, 5G, robotics, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence enable many new applications and business models but are already producing a large amount of data. To process this data efficiently and quickly on site, mini and micro data centres, so-called edge data centres, are already increasingly being used.

Cities and the urban spaces of the future have limited space on the surface. To overcome this bottleneck, the Swiss Center of Applied Underground Technologies (SCAUT) has developed the “Edge Computing - Underground!” concept as a pilot project.

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