Meet our Executive Team

We are delighted to share the news of our revamped executive management team. Under the leadership of Laurence Delplace as CEO and Dr. Roman Wahlen as Deputy CEO, the team comprises esteemed members, including Paul Erdmann, Benoit Garitte, Klaus Wachter, and Gerd Wieland.

Our primary objective is to continually align Amberg Engineering with the evolving needs of our clients and market dynamics. We are dedicated to strengthening the connections between our office locations and markets, emphasizing innovation in our projects. To achieve these goals, we have undertaken a strategic initiative to enhance and rejuvenate our leadership structure.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the new team and express our gratitude to outgoing CEO Dr. Franz Pacher for adeptly steering our company over the past 8 years. Franz Pacher will continue to contribute as a senior expert, facilitating a seamless transition to the new leadership.

Amberg Group President Felix Amberg recently introduced the new executive management team to our staff through a live and virtual session across multiple locations. CEO Laurence Delplace gave an insight into the vision of their teamwork management structure and the values they are committed to pursuing. All executive team members personally introduced themselves and shared some of their experience and values. The event was followed by an enjoyable joint lunch at our headquarters and other locations to mix and mingle with the new management team.

We wish the new CEO, Deputy CEO, and executive management team members the utmost success!

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