WHERE Flums Hochwiese, Switzerland
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On this discussion we will have a group of distinguished panelists representing different stakeholders of the industry that will go through recent H2 storage studies, tests or implementations, challenges related to practicalities, regulations, technicalities and financial aspect of H2 storage underground solutions, as well as exploring opportunities and the potential for showcasing and prototyping unconventional underground storage solutions.

We will delve into these challenges and advantages, examining how innovative underground storage solutions can reshape the energy industry.

Moreover, we extend an invitation for collaboration with interested stakeholders on H2 underground storage initiatives, leveraging the exceptional infrastructure of the Hagerbach Test Gallery.

Join us on June 11 to participate in this pivotal dialogue!


10.00 Welcome
10.10 Topic 1 - "Overview of recent H2 underground storages studies, tests or implementation. How does H2 storage underground contribute to the sustainability or decarburization of the energy industry"
11.30 Break
11.40 Topic 2 - "Challenges related to practicalities, regulations, technicalities, financial aspect of the H2 storage underground solutions."
13.00  Lunch
14.00 Topic 3 - "Exploring opportunities, the need and the potential for showcasing and testing H2 storage in hard rock underground"
15.00 Optional programme: Tour through the Hagerbach Test Gallery


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