Planning of Underground Space – Lecture at ETH Zurich

Start of the spring semester at ETH Zürich. Packed classroom at spring like temperatures.

Our Underground Space Expert and published author Antonia Cornaro is holding this popular semester lecture for the 4th consecutive year.

Planning the urban subsurface calls for professionals to work together multi-​disciplinarily in shaping a new urban tissue beneath our cities. The need to plan the third dimension in the subsurface is critical in making our cities future-​proof, resilient, sustainable, and liveable.

The course caters to students interested in all aspects of the built environment and is offered to Master students in Civil Engineering, Spatial Planning & Infrastructure systems as well as Architecture students. This semester the course counts 105 registered students, with approximately half of them civil engineers, 25% architects, 20% spatial planners and the remainder geographers, transport engineers, and environmental engineers.

The student mix allows for a multidisciplinary approach to the subject which is essential in dealing with our manifold urban challenges and the complexities the subsurface provides us with.

More info on the course: