On July 20, 2023, our engineering team from Innsbruck had once again the opportunity to explore construction lot H41 Sillschlucht - Pfons of the Brenner Base Tunnel as part of an exciting site visit. Lot H41 is an ambitious project that is currently in full swing and will excavate around 22.5 km of main tunnel and 38 cross passages with a total length of 2.3 km by summer 2028. We are proud to be part of the construction team to make an active contribution to this significant infrastructure project.

The progress is impressive: Since the tunnelling boring machines (TBMS)  "Ida" and "Lilia" went into operation, they have driven a total of 180 meters into the rock. Initial difficulties are not uncommon during the first meters, and of course our team has prepared for these challenges through careful planning and technical know-how. It regularly fills us with pride that we can experience the progress of the Brenner Base Tunnel up close.

Our regular site visits provide us with valuable insights into the technical challenges the construction team faces daily. As engineers, geotechnicians and experts in the field of tunnel construction, we were able to observe the work on the tunnelling machines "Ida" and "Lilia" at close range. The importance of a careful examination and regular checks became particularly clear to us, since dislocations and spalling were revealed in both tunnel tubes.

An important part of the site tour was the 90-minute planning meeting, which our team attended together with representatives of the client and contractor as well as BBT SE. In this close exchange, insights and assessments were discussed in order to find solutions to the challenges and ensure the smooth progress of the project.

As part of the construction team, we are regularly present on the construction site in order to contribute our expertise directly and to be able to act immediately when challenges arise. Cooperation with other local experts is essential to achieve the ambitious goals of the Brenner Base Tunnel.

The Brenner Base Tunnel is not only an infrastructure project of great importance for Europe, but also a milestone in engineering. Working on this tunnel is a fascinating and complex task that challenges and inspires our engineering team every day.

We are confident that with our dedicated construction team we will master the current challenges and successfully complete the project. The Brenner Base Tunnel will create a sustainable and modern connection between the countries and strengthen Europe's transport routes.