The war in Ukraine and an attempt to help

We want to make a contribution and give people from Ukraine a perspective

The events currently unfolding in Ukraine are terrible and incomprehensible to many. None of us can explain how it is possible that innocent civilians are being threatened and shot in order to exercise power.

The suffering among the innocent victims is great and many have decided to leave their homes and seek shelter in another country, at least for a transitional period. Refugees are arriving in Switzerland on a daily basis.

The Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA) and usic (Swiss Association of Consulting Engineers) have now opened platforms to give refugees opportunities not only to find protection but also to earn an income. Besides the fact that they have to leave their home country, it is also particularly difficult to lose their independence. Refugees from Ukraine have therefore the possibility to work in Switzerland with a special residence status.

Says Franz Pacher, CEO: "Thus, we at Amberg Engineering AG have decided to make a contribution here and have registered on the SIA and usic platforms in order to give people from Ukraine a chance and a perspective."