The Vereina tunnel connects Klosters in the Prättigau with Sagliains in the Engadine. The tunnel is used both for passenger transport and for the transport of road vehicles on railway wagons.

With its 19.1km, the Vereina tunnel is currently the longest single-track narrow-gauge tunnel in the world. It has an area of intersection in the middle of the tunnel for better capacity utilisation.

The existing tunnel infrastructure and tunnel operation demand special requirements in terms of personal safety in the event of a fire.

After more than 15 years of operation, a general renewal of the safety concept was necessary, which was attributable both to changes in standards and to further developing safety requirements.
Practically all safety-relevant areas were covered, from the tunnel infrastructure to rolling stock and train management to the intervention concepts for incidents in the tunnel.

The implementation of the safety measures should not affect operations. Thanks to many years of experience in the railway sector, Amberg was able to develop the necessary solutions and thus  guarantee the safety.


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