Caraguatatuba is very popular for tourists and day visitors from São Paulo. Today a road leads away from the sea through the pluvial forest-covered mountains towards São José dos Campos.

A new motorway will be built along the route, with tunnels ranging in length from 700 metres to 5.5 kilometres. Amberg is responsible for verifying and optimising ventilation, developing ventilation control systems and carrying out quantitative risk analyses for all tunnels.

The new tunnels will be designed for traffic congestion-free operation. This means that a sophisticated detection and traffic light system will be used to regulate traffic according to actual requirements. This type of planning enables the client to achieve an optimal cost-benefit ratio and guarantees the highest level of security.

In August 2019, Amberg met with the operator Tamoios, the contractor and the responsible security forces to plan the construction and operation of the new motorway section and to analyse safety aspects. Various emergency scenarios were also simulated and discussed.
The safety in the tunnels is guaranteed by state-of-the-art technology and optimal organization. The longest tunnels have safety shafts and emergency exits at intervals of 200 to 250 metres. All tunnels are monitored from an Operational Control Center.


"The scenarios, which were developed with the help of Amberg, enable our staff to receive optimum training and provide us and the authorities with valuable information for the safe operation of the tunnels."

Wigando Schneider, Operations Manager Tamoios

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